To Grow And Remain


I’ve been spending the last couple days working on me. Getting myself organized, and preparing myself for the next year. I have very big plans for 2014. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it will be totally worth it in the end.


I literally spent all of the money that I had been saving up on Christmas presents; which I don’t regret at all. I’m glad to see other people happy, and to do my part in making them happy.


I’m more focused on my music now, and I’m taking time each day to practice both guitar and piano.


Then I’ll begin to record. I will create a name for myself, and, hopefully, find some people to play music with. Because in 2014, I want to start playing shows again. I want to be fully prepared to blow people away with my jams.


I’m also focusing my writing more, or at least preparing to. I’ve already started writing a lot more than I did before and now that I feel I’m getting back into it, I’m feeling much better about my day to day life, and trying to restructure it into what I want it to be. Into what I feel it should be.


I feel much older now. But in a good way. I feel more experienced, I feel smarter, stronger, and more capable.


I believe this winter has become the winter I turned the boy into a man.

And now I feel like I can really take on the reality of adult life.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I now have the determination and drive to do it.


For the first time in a long time, I feel like I really am in complete control of my life. I’m taking steps to make sure that everyone else around me knows that they can do it too. I am my own person, and the only one who has power over me is the Lord, our God. He will lead me to where he needs me and will make his presence know through me. Hopefully, I can slowly start to reach more and more people. I’m already doing my part at the Pittston YMCA, and I feel like I belong there. For now, at least, while I’m trying to tackle school.


Getting to know children.

Children that know me.

Children that I can affect, that I can love. Who will love me back tenfold.


I feel like this is just the beginning of something really amazing.

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