A Conscious Decision

We always learn from our mistakes, or at least we should. Sometimes, we don’t. After some of the most tragicand heartbreaking incidents of my short life, I decided to change it; drastically. I made the decision to become the most genuine, selfless, and caring person I could possibly be. I decided to choose my dreams, create new goals, and do everything in my power to never give up on them, no matter how difficult it got.

I decided to always be honest, respectful, and assertive.

To stand up and speak when I saw someone being wronged, to stop and help if I saw someone being hurt, and to do my part to make the world a place that I would want my children to live in.

Soon after that decision, I started to read the Bible, and to let God guide me to an understanding of his word.

Very quickly, I became the person I had wanted to be, and people started to take notice. I began working full-time, and decided on a whim to apply to King’s College. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get in. I then had a dream, and that dream was, truly felt, God calling me to be a servant of Christ. The next morning, I got a call from King’s saying I got in.


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