The Key to the Kingdom

I believe that I can now say, with some confidence, that, at 24, I am truly living the life of a musician and writer. And it feels good.

I wouldn’t even say that I planned it to be this way. It’s one of those things that just feels right, that just feels like Christopher.

And I’m happy. I truly am.

I have about a dozen songs that I’ve written over the past several months, and I’m working on recording demos of them so I can get ‘Lori & the Gorillas’ off the ground. I know that all of the effort will pay off once it’s done and I can start playing shows again.

But things are moving forward. I’m looking towards the sky more often. I hold my head up higher nowadays. I’m working towards the life that I want, and being with the people I want to be with. It’s all coming together.

I’m still working on figuring out my finances so I can go return to school. I know that it’s going to take some time but I have plenty of patience and faith in the future.

Things may seem out of control sometimes.

But life is good great.


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