Do Your Part

Every single day, I try to remind myself of one compelling fact that I have come to learn about life. That fact is that you create it. It is a simple but misunderstood truth, and it isn’t going to change. We are all born with free will. We create our lives. If we want to be loved, we need to start loving others. If we want people to be faithful to us, we have to faithful to others. If we want patience, we have to show patience to others. We can be the change that we want to see in the world. And that is something that no one can ever take away from us.

If you want to be okay with who you are, then start being okay with who everyone else is.

Find yourself, know yourself, and believe in yourself.

Because if you can’t, how can you expect anybody else to?

Purpose? Yeah, I have one.

To love. To change. To listen. To speak. To learn. To live.

To make damn sure that every person that I meet is affected positively by me.

How do I do it? How can you do it?

Start now.

Be honest and genuine in everything that you do.

Forget what your parents told you, forget what your friends tell you, forget every piece of media you have seen that’s aimed at controlling you to believe anything you don’t truly believe in. Go outside of your comfort zone, meet people, ask questions, and find out for yourself what your purpose is. Live on principle. You can take control of your future by being true to yourself, and by being true to others. Do not ever think that you aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or creative enough, or beautiful enough to do something extraordinary. All you need to do is listen, learn, speak, and then act; to make our community a place where you’ll want to raise your children, and give them a template for how to raise theirs.

Today I challenge you to convince people that you’re genuine by the fire in your eyes, the passion in your voice, and, most importantly, the smile on your face.


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